Coronavirus – India cases tracker


Today everyone is gazing at their phone to keep a track on the coronavirus in their country but we tend to forget that it is just increasing internet consumption and worry. So I thought to solve this problem using Particle devices which will use negligible amount of data to deliver the tracking of coronavirus cases easily. This project will help you to be up to date about the coronavirus India outbreak or can be adapted for your country too. The data gets updated automatically and the device can be used to add more functionality.

The data is collected by the website

Hardware components:


I have used Particle Argon and Sparkfun I2C micro-OLED. The particle device comes with a flexible IDE to add lots of integrations or webhooks without hazzles.


Particle online IDE is used to program the device. Here are the steps for creating integrations for fetching data from websites.

Circuit Diagram:

Device in action:



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